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23.02.2015 - Power pitch presentation at ISMRM

The abstract "On evaluating the accuracy and biological plausibility of diffusion MRI tractograms" has been specially selected for a power pitch at the annual ISMRM meeting!

The "Power Pitch" format is designed to give maximum exposure to the most interesting abstracts at the annual meeting. It is designed to address the common complaint that, often, the most interesting abstracts presented in traditional oral sessions, have less than 3 minutes for discussion.  Of all 6,038 abstracts submitted to the meeting, only 165 have been hand-selected for this format (less than 3%).

This work investigates the importance of using (i) proper multi-compartment models and (ii) adequate multiple b-value acquisitions in order to be able to evaluate the accuracy and the biological plausibility of the tractograms. The abstract raises some important questions about some critical issues that arise in this kind of problems.

Download the abstract.

Written by Alessandro Daducci on Monday February 23, 2015
Category: papers

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