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Winter school on Brain Connectomics

Mon 9 Oct, 2017 - Fri 13 Oct, 2017
University of Verona, Italy

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Connectomics is one of the hottest inter-disciplinary topics today. It links computer science and engineering with life sciences and medicine. Connection networks grow over functional (fMRI, ASL, EEG, MEG) and structural (diffusion weighted MRI) data and the integration of the two in both static and dynamic conditions would shed light on the way our brain actually works. Connectomics also holds paramount potential for clinical applications through the characterization of the network’s modulation in pathologies and the assessment of the treatment. In particular, it allows capturing the plasticity processes that are due to different causes including learning, aging and recovering from injury. All these topics must be faced in a multidisciplinary approach touching the different fields that are involved by this exquisitely interdisciplinary topic.

The School on Brain Connectomics aims at gathering the knowledge in the different fields that are touched by these topics providing the students a comprehensive view of this research area as well as awareness about the cutting-edge methodological, experimental and clinical aspects that are involved. Connectomics bridges signal and image processing with applied mathematics, graph theory and machine learning.

Written by Alessandro Daducci on Wednesday August 2, 2017

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