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About us

Our group focuses on structural brain connectivity as estimated by diffusion MRI with particular focus on all the post-processing steps that are required to estimate brain connectivity (a.k.a. connectomics) from diffusion MRI data, e.g. local reconstruction, fiber tracking and network analysis. 

Alessandro Daducci, visiting scientistLab members


  • Muhamed Barakovic, PhD student​
  • David Paul Roger Romascano, post-doc
  • Anna Auria Rasclosa, PhD student
  • Elda Fischi-Gomez, PhD student
  • Alessandra Griffa, PhD student
  • Alia Lemkaddem, PhD student
  • Djalel Eddine Meskaldji, PhD student
  • Xavier Gigandet, PhD student
  • Leila Cammoun, post-doc
  • Patric Hagmann, PhD student
  • Lisa Jonasson, PhD student