Workshop on Multi-Modal Connectivity Imaging of the Central Nervous System
June 25th, 2020, Montreal


Following the current worldwide sanitary situation, we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the workshop on June 25th.

The workshop will cover new advances in the structural and functional characterization of the central nervous system. The presentations will aim at engaging the discussion on novel multi-modal approaches to improve the characterization of the connectivity of the central nervous system. In particular, the workshop aims at presenting novel multi-modal imaging techniques and data to improve our understanding of the structure-function relationship. Among other topics, we will discuss the use of the evoked responses of transcranial magnetic stimulations (TMS), whose size, topography and latency inform on the distribution and effectiveness of the connectivity. Additionally, how the BOLD responses measured in the white matter pathways could potentially clarify the type of information axonal bundles carry, like BOLD and/or EEG-MEG signals provide the activations of linked cortical areas. Moreover, a discussion will focus on how microstructural properties and structural connectivity measured with histology and/or estimated with diffusion MRI, can be used in models simulating cortical activities.

Workshop on Multi-Scale Imaging of the White Matter Neuroanatomy, Université de Sherbrooke - Campus de Longueuil, Montreal, May 17th 2019.